Retail Services


We specialize in offering customized energy solutions for commercial and industrial end-users, power generation and retail energy providers.
Our retail platform offers the following services:

  • Procurement of Supply – Concord will assist Company in the procurement of natural gas supply for Company’s operations
  • Management Services – Concord will manage Company’s day-to-day volumes, pricing and delivery of natural gas
  • Nominations and Balancing – Concord to manage Company’s supply and transportation assets. Concord will provide nominations and scheduling of Company’s gas supply with supplier(s), the pipeline and/or local gas utility
  • Negotiations – Concord will negotiate natural gas related agreements with third parties on Company’s behalf
  • Tariff Review – Each meter or facility will be evaluated to determine the rate structure that best fits Company’s needs
  • Reporting & Invoice Management – Concord will process Company’s invoices which contain data needed to perform contract services. This may include invoices from suppliers, utilities, pipelines and service companies