Concord Makes First Investment in Renewable Energy

Concord Makes First Investment in Renewable Energy

July 24, 2017 Industry Updates

Concord Renewable Energy LLC Acquires 175 Estates Drive Solar, LLC

Denver, CO: Concord Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Concord Energy Holdings, acquired 175 Estates Drive Solar from BriteStreet Solar Built on July 21, 2017. Concord’s acquisition of 175 Estates Drive Solar is Concord’s first venture into the renewable energy market.

“This solar project in California presents Concord with the opportunity to be part of the continued growth in renewable markets,” said Matt Flavin, President and CEO of Concord. “The Concord team will continue to lead in the energy sector by incorporating renewable resources into our multifaceted energy strategy.”

About Concord:

Concord is an energy commodities marketing, logistics and trading company focused on growth in the North American energy markets. We are a producer-focused, first purchaser and industry leader in energy distribution. For more information, go to


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