Serving our customers, employees
and the communities in which
we live and work.

Natural Gas Wholesale Marketing

  • Storage and Transportation
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Fixed-price Deals
  • 4-cycle, 24/7 Scheduling
  • Midstream Development and Acquisitions
  • Customized Full-service Solutions

Crude Oil Marketing

  • Purchasing of All Grades
  • Refinery Supply
  • Pipeline Transportation
  • Proprietary Unloading
  • Trucking Options
  • Access to Rail Markets
  • Purchasing at Lease, Truck, or Pipeline

Natural Gas Liquids Marketing

  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Tailgate Purchasing
  • Y Grade
  • Purity Products

Producer Services

  • Gathering and Transportation
  • Variable Volume Management
  • Custom Invoices/Remittances
  • Asset Management
  • Nomination and Balancing Services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Supply Transactions

Commercial & Industrial Sales

  • Customized Structured Transactions
  • Nominations and Balancing
  • Market Information
  • Asset Optimization


  • Crude Oil Terminalling
  • Reduced Trucking Costs
  • Optimal Locations

Crude Oil Trucking

  • Electronic Ticketing
  • In-house Mechanic Services
  • Brand-new Equipment
  • Drivers Certified
  • Drivers Tested

Mobile Recycling and Reuse

  • Mobile treatment
  • Produced water recycling
  • Flowback water recycling
  • Oil recovery

Solids Management

  • Mobile dewatering
  • Solids, sludge, and tank bottom management
  • Irrigation Pond silt, sediment, and muck removal

Water Logistics and Transfer

  • Water transfer and Storage
  • Water logistics consulting
  • Salt Water Disposal Well Development and Operation

Well Services

  • Workovers
  • Well Repairs
  • Completions
  • Reentries
  • Plugging
  • Trucking - Equipment & Water Hauling
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Proprietary transportation up to Concord Energy’s elite standards.

Concord Energy Transportation extends the value of top-quality service and utmost reliability to the trucking business. We seek to be the employer of choice by providing long-term career-based employment at competitive compensation levels. This allows us to attract the most highly qualified and experienced drivers who are committed to the same high standards that we are.

As for our equipment, we have vehicles both rebuilt expressly for and purchased new by Concord, in addition to leased vehicles. We employ our own mechanics who work with our schedule to ensure that maintenance is never an issue and time on the road is maximized. This enables us to expand as needed to meet market demand in challenging environments and on difficult terrain. We are also expanding our electronic ticketing capability for immediate distribution of information back to the office and back to the customer.

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